CFRB 1010 Interview with Alliance President Nick Gurevich

The Alliance’s Nick Gurevich and car accident survivor, Dino Le Donne speak with Mike Bullard on CFRB 1010 Radio about changes to auto insurance and they affect every day Ontarians.

Toronto Sun ? Accident victims still waiting. Being able to obtain insurance benefits on a timely basis is no easy task.

If justice delayed is justice denied, then Ontario car accident victims are certainly getting the short end of the stick.

600CKAT North Bay News ? Insurance a key focus as election approaches

A summary of the CKAT News interview with Alliance spokesperson Justine Hamilton.

The election campaign is underway in Ontario and one group is looking to see auto insurance become an issue. The Alliance of Community Medical and Rehabilitation Providers says the cost of insurance is skyrocketing while benefits are being slashed. Spokesperson Justine Hamilton tells CKAT News there’s a potential financial impact. She says if people are seriously injured, within a year or two they’ll possibly have to pay for care out of their own pocket. She says benefits have been slashed by 70 percent and they haven’t been added on the OHIP side. Hamilton says they’re looking to get auto insurance companies to open their books so they can see the justification for increases while benefits are being cut, before more policy changes are made.

Toronto Sun ? Benefit reductions a big risk

Accident victims should be entitled to medical and rehabilitation benefits based on need.