– NDP Singh calls for lower auto insurance premiums

12/03/2012  Erin Criger,

NDP MPP Jagmeet Singh is calling for lower auto insurance premiums in Ontario, something that he said cannot be accomplished unless Liberals recall the provincial legislature.

Singh is part of an all-party committee to discuss consumer protection legislation. Those discussions broke down when Premier Dalton McGuinty prorogued parliament on Oct. 15.

“We’ve not seen that [promised] reduction in premiums,” Singh said at Queen’s Park on Monday.

“What we’ve seen is profits increasing for insurance companies. We need to see those savings passed along to consumers.”

Singh said the government has a “direct role” in overseeing insurance companies, including ensuring fair premiums.

He said the NDP government is not calling for public insurance, like the party proposed in 1990.

“We’re calling on the industry to get it right. If they don’t get it right, we must resort to some other steps.”–ndp-singh-calls-for-lower-auto-insurance-premiums

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