A new group is hoping to have some impact on auto insurance reform in Ontario

Thompson’s World Insurance News 

Group formed to advocate fair treatment 

December 10, 2012 Edition 

A new group is hoping to have some impact on auto insurance reform in Ontario.

The Fair Association of Victims for Accident Insurance Reform, or FAIR, is described as a grass-roots consumer organization dedicated to advocating for fair treatment of motor vehicle accident victims.

“Ontario’s MVA victims find themselves without timely treatment or benefits under the current system,” the association’s board chair Rhona DesRoches said.

“Thresholds to qualify for treatment for our most catastrophically injured citizens are making it impossible for many people to get the treatment and care they need to reach maximum possible recovery.

“The (minor injury guidelines) have created a backlog of people waiting for mediation hearings and many of those individuals are unable to access benefits while waiting and — whether the Ontario government admits it or not — this is a crisis for those thousands of injured people in line.”

She said the only way to get the word out is through the media.

“Many are unaware that we exist. We hope to become a loud and powerful voice for insurance claimants in Ontario and improve the quality of the legislated insurance product.”

Responding to the Anti- Fraud Task Force Final Report, FAIR said its members were encouraged to see the panel recognize that any recommendations should not make things worse for legitimate claimants.

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