Injured still waiting


 Ralph Palumbo, VP of the Insurance Bureau of Canada continues to ply the party line about fraud and “vexacious” claimants. In his response to Alan Shanoff’s Jan. 20 column on catastrophic impairment under Ontario’s no fault auto insurance scheme, Palumbo says it is “vital that all ideas and concerns are shared, to ensure insurance reforms meet Ontarians’ needs, and that includes a clear, understandable definition of catastrophic impairment based on the most current medical science.” I couldn’t agree more. But if he read any part of my submission to the Standing Committee on Finance and Economic Affairs in July 2012, in which I attempted to share “ideas and concerns to ensure insurance reforms meet Ontarians’ needs,“ he hasn’t yet acknowledged it. At that time I noted, “The recommendations of the Expert Panel, particularly regarding mental and behavioural impairment, are seriously flawed and demonstrate a clear bias against brain injury as well as accident-related mental illness in seriously injured claimants. The Expert Panel has failed to consider the extensive experience we in the field have had in the understanding of catastrophic impairment and have failed to acknowledge the rulings of Ontario’s highest court in the inclusive interpretation of the catastrophic definition.” Notwithstanding the standard platitudes we continue to read from the insurance industry, these are important concerns that need to be addressed. I and the seriously injured patients I see are still waiting.

Harold Becker, MD

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