Car insurance step into the election ring

by Vernon Clement Jones 08 May 2014

Auto insurance premiums are once again taking centre stage for the Ontario elections, with the Opposition charging the Liberals are now focused on protecting the industry and not the 15 per cent chop consumer were promised.

“When the Liberals needed to save their own seats last year, they promised to reduce auto insurance rates by 15%,” reads an NDP statement, released this week. “But once the threat of an election passed, they went to helping out insurance companies, and leaving drivers waiting. After moving at light-speed to help well-connected insurance companies save billions,

Ontario drivers are still waiting to see the savings.”

The argument is one the Liberals have actively moved to counter, suggesting NDP leader Andrea Horwath’s credibility on auto insurance rates has been publicly called into question by one of her own candidates.

They point to a statement from one of the Opposition MPPs applauding his own auto premium reduction.

Still the insurance industry is already bracing for more heated debate on what it's doing to bring about a 15% chop to auto premiums – targets many have suggested won’t be met without passage of Bill 171.

The Fighting Fraud and Reducing Automobile Insurance Rates bill is integral to meeting an August 2015 deadline, said the IBAO in a press release Monday.

Voters are listening to all sides of the debate, although the NDP is alleging some of those Ontarians are now grappling with premium hikes and not reductions – 15% of otherwise.

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