Ontario’s 2015 Budget Injures the Injured

The 2015 Budget is very bad news for those injured in auto accidents. The Ontario Rehab Alliance is profoundly disappointed and worried by the proposed changes to standard Auto Insurance Benefits.

While we understand the pressure this government faces to reduce premiums, we worry about the future wellbeing of the 65,000 fellow Ontarians who are injured in motor vehicle crashes every year.  We regretfully believe that the latest policy direction will have a devastating effect on the most severely injured and their families.  Based on the budget announcement, we will undoubtedly see fellow Ontarians whose horrific crashes resulted in quadriplegia, severe brain injuries and amputations live the rest of their lives with little to no dignity.  The future of their children, wives, husbands or parents will be forever changed as they have to rededicate their lives to becoming full time caregivers in light of deep cuts to the benefits.

Whose money is saved by these cuts?

Not drivers. Even if (and that’s a big ‘if’) the cuts lead to slightly lower premiums, seriously injured drivers and their passengers will find themselves unable to get the help they need to recover and return to work and earn an income. They will have to use their own money – if they have any – to pay for rehab services over and above what their insurance covers to try to get their lives back as best as possible.

Not taxpayers. We will all pay the price of the increased burden on health and social services.

Insurers’ will benefit. Their profits from auto insurance will increase in proportion to the savings made at the expense of those they are meant to be insuring. 

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