Help Distribute Important Survey of Individuals with Brain Injuries

Help Distribute Important Survey of Individuals with Brain Injuries

The ORA is asking its members to assist in disseminating a survey to individuals with brain injuries sustained in motor vehicle collisions to obtain information about their experience with auto insurance claims.

Please see the attached letters from student researchers at McMaster University and Acquired Brain Injury Survivor Solutions (ABISS), an advocacy group.

ABISS MCMASTER.TBI Insurance Study Approval 2020

Letter & Survey for Participants

Letter to Organizations & Professionals Assisting with Survey Distribution.

This research has received ethics approval through McMaster University from the Hamilton Integrated Research Ethics Board. The researchers include:

  • Principal Investigator, Dr. Lyn Turkstra, Department of Rehabilitation Science, McMaster University
  • Research Supervisor, Sheila MacDonald, Assistant Professor (Adjunct), Department of Rehabilitation Science, McMaster University
  • Student Investigators: Laura Brooks, Yvette Hou, Daniella Reid, Aileen Zhou

Clinicians distributing the survey are asked to ensure objectivity and privacy by observing the following:

  • Allow the person to complete the survey in their private (non-therapy) time
  • Do not discuss, assist with, or document survey completion in clinical notes and records (reporting, chart notes, emails etc.).

If you have questions or need more information about the study itself, please contact student investigator Laura Brooks by email at [email protected], or call Dr. Turkstra at 905.525.9140 Extension 28648.

The goal of this research project is to help better understand the experiences that those with brain injury following a motor vehicle collision have with their auto insurance claims.

Data from surveys like is so badly needed to support our advocacy for changes. Please do what you can to support this initiative.

With thanks,

Laurie Davis 

Executive Director, ORA


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