It’s Quintuplets! ORA Members Sweep Award Nominations

Do consider supporting your fellow ORA members when you cast your ballot (by Aug 31) for the annual OBIA & PIA Awards of Excellence. There’s lots to choose from!

All five of the companies nominated in the Rehab Company of the Year category are ORA members, so you can’t go wrong voting for Abilities Rehab, Brainworks, Essentially YouFunctionAbility or Wright Rehab.

Colleen Boyce, (Bayshore), Sheila MacDonaldKindrey Rowland (Orangeville, ORA members all, are nominated in the category of Healthcare Provider of the Year category.

Jennifer Jones (Abilities Rehab), Jodi Harendorf (Neuro-Rehab Services Inc.), Laura MacPhee (Rehab Results) and Maureen Palmer, are nominated in the Case Manager of Year category.

Happy voting!