ABI & MVA: The lived experience survey findings

ABI & MVA: The lived experience survey findings


Attached here is an important and beautifully crafted advocacy document outlining the findings from the survey conducted jointly by ABISS and McMaster. My apologies for the delay in sharing this with you; it was released earlier this month.

ORA member Sheila MacDonald, (SLP, Sheila MacDonald & Associates), supervised the project along with Dr. Lynn Turkstra. The ORA was very pleased to get to know members of ABISS over the past few years through Sheila’s introduction, and to have them present at several ORA events.

Do read this – the results and recommendations for all stakeholders are summarized in the attached brief. Copies of the longer report are available on request.

Do share this on your websites and through social media posts.

McMaster-ABISS Study Findings.PDF

Image by Ryan McGuire, Pixabay