FSRA Priorities Submission

Submitted: October 26, 2020

The Ontario Rehab Alliance (ORA) is highly supportive of FSRA’s stated priorities for 2021-22. This submission will comment primarily on broad-strokes intentions and hoped-for outcomes.

At the Cross Sectoral level, we believe that all four priorities: Protect the Public Interest, Enable Innovation, Modernize Systems and Processes, and Transition to Principles Based Regulation may be harnessed to drive improvement to the auto insurance sector.

The ORA has made a number of previous submissions, along with other HSP associations, that reference our keen support for modernized systems and processes, and have offered multiple examples and specific suggestions of how and where we see the greatest need for these. As Principles-Based Regulation is a new form in Ontario’s regulatory environment we find it challenging to forecast how this transition might change our operations or the experience of our injured clients, so have focused our remarks elsewhere.

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ORA Commentary 2021-22 Priorities

We are 10 years old! 

 PDF Letter

For 10 years the ORA has represented the interests of health service providers in Ontario by keeping them informed, establishing resources and building bridges between industries.

Today we are channeling our most earnest gratitude to all our members, past and present, who keep the ORA going year after year. You are what make up this organization and the ORA would not exist without you or be nearly as successful without your participation.

A special thank you to all members who have volunteered their time to fill roles on the Board of Directors. Your contributions have greatly enriched the ORA with fresh perspective and direction. Thank you for being a sounding board for idea generation, the arms and legs of implementation and occasionally filling in as moral support for Laurie and I.

Recognition would never be complete without taking a moment to appreciate the contributions of Laurie Davis, fearless maven, and steady heart beat of the ORA for the last 7 years. She has devoted her time and talents to the cause, leveraging her acumen in the sector to strategically seat herself at many advocacy tables. The ORA victories we’ve seen, are due much in part to the waves created by Laurie. Thank you for all you do.

In celebration of the occasion, we are releasing our Proud Member badges for email signatures. Please consider adding this badge to your signature. Our hope is to unify our members and further permeate the industry. The ORA knows you walk the walk so show off that your organization puts the best interests of patients and health service providers front and centre.

A word document has been attached for your copy & pasting needs. If you have any trouble with formatting please reach out to me.

Thank you to you all, and cheers to 10 years!


Heather McElroy

Executive Assistant

Ontario Rehab Alliance