Changes to Home & Community Care

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Once again the gods in charge of annoying government behaviours are disrupting my summer relaxation plans.

Though our advocacy is usually with Finance and FSRA for the auto sector it made sense to weigh in here as quite a few members work outside the auto sector; others are interested in doing so as the system transforms. Also, we feel it important to remind health policy makers of the important role of rehab. This submission focusses on issues most in our wheelhouse.

As you’ll see, we specifically mention rehab support and ask that this be recognized.  To my knowledge not many, if any, other groups advocate on behalf of the non-RHP  aspects healthcare. As there are some real (positive) implications for psychologists I’m glad we were able to speak up on behalf of those who are ORA members. It also looks as if there are expanding opportunities for SLPs and OTs – so I spoke to that as well. We noted the exclusion of psychotherapy.

By far the biggest issue is the treatment/exclusion of for-profit providers, seemingly without rationale. It is this issue that really propelled us to make a submission. Not just because of the implications in home care but out of concern that it might signal a broader multi-sector policy shift. I know that at least one of the rehab-focused RHP associations’ submissions was silent on this point, and another was unaware of the consultation altogether. I’ve not yet had a chance to check in with the others.

If your company works with LHIN, Ontario Health Team, Community Support Services please do read this and let me know your thoughts. Timelines were a bit too tight for me to engage in the sort of member consultation I prefer – but hearing your thoughts now will better equip us to engage as further discussions take place.


Laurie Davis, Executive Director

It’s (still) all about FSRA & Fairness

Read full submission here: ORA Comments on Proposed UDAP Rule


The Ontario Rehab Alliance (ORA) welcomes this opportunity to comment on the proposed changes to Rule 2020-002, Unfair or Deceptive Practices Act.

We were pleased to be able to provide initial input to the proposed rule change last fall as part of FSRA’s Health Service Providers Stakeholder Advisory Committee and have reviewed the comments and FSRA’s response to these in the subsequent public consultation ‘the Original notice’.

We have restricted our comments and questions in this document to those aspects which we believe may require further consideration or explanation.


Once again, the ORA would like to acknowledge our thanks for this opportunity to contribute to the consultation process. We would be pleased to provide any further clarification or information.

Respectfully submitted by,

Laurie Davis, Executive Director

Ontario Rehab Alliance



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