It’s (still) all about FSRA & Fairness

Read full submission here: ORA Comments on Proposed UDAP Rule


The Ontario Rehab Alliance (ORA) welcomes this opportunity to comment on the proposed changes to Rule 2020-002, Unfair or Deceptive Practices Act.

We were pleased to be able to provide initial input to the proposed rule change last fall as part of FSRA’s Health Service Providers Stakeholder Advisory Committee and have reviewed the comments and FSRA’s response to these in the subsequent public consultation ‘the Original notice’.

We have restricted our comments and questions in this document to those aspects which we believe may require further consideration or explanation.


Once again, the ORA would like to acknowledge our thanks for this opportunity to contribute to the consultation process. We would be pleased to provide any further clarification or information.

Respectfully submitted by,

Laurie Davis, Executive Director

Ontario Rehab Alliance



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