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Dr. Jeremy Frank

1136 centre Street, Suite 212 Thornhill L4J 3M8

Email: [email protected]
Phone: (647) 725-1919
Fax: (416) 981-7915

I offer psychotherapy and counseling services to adults of all ages and older adolescents. I can help with a variety of problems including the following: Depression, anxiety, social anxiety, uncontrollable worry, and panic attacks, crisis management, relationship and family concerns (including couples therapy), grief/bereavement, difficulties with self-esteem, eating disorders, life transitions, difficulty coping with stress or burnout, difficulties with anger, common problems that often result from being involved in a car accident, such as post-traumatic stress, and pain. I can also help with adjustment to life changes, mid-life crisis, career issues, emotional difficulties associated with illness, pain or disability, intimacy fears, and the emotional difficulties suffered by survivors of abuse (sexual, emotional, or physical). I also offer a range of psychological consultation and psychological assessment services and can provide medical-legal opinions for a range of matters.

Age Ranges: Minor (under 18), Adult (18-64), Senior (65+)