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Music Therapy Toronto

196 Winding Lane , Vaughan L4j 5J2

Phone: 416 702 1797

MUSIC THERAPY TORONTO provides neurologic rehabilitation services, music therapy, and music-psychotherapy to individuals, communities and facilities in the Greater Toronto Area ( GTA) and beyond (via telemedicine). Aaron is a pioneer in tele-health music therapy, he has been practicing tele-therapy since 2010 and is the author of the first peer-reviewed paper on tele-health music therapy in the academic literature ( 2015). Aaron Lightstone, MMT, RP, MTA, NMT-Fellow is the founder and director of Music Therapy Toronto. He is an award-winning music therapist, musician, educator and researcher. Aaron holds Master of Music Therapy and Bachelor of Music Therapy degrees from the faculty of Music at Wildfrid Laurier University where he is occasionally a part-time faculty member (in the faculty of music and the faculty of graduate studies). He has extensive experience in the use of music as a therapeutic intervention in acquired brain injury, geriatrics, palliative care, addictions, autism, dementia, developmental disability, mental health care, and cerebral palsy. Aaron is a Registered Psychotherapist ( RP) with the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario ( CRPO). He is also a Fellow of the Academy for Neurologic Music Therapy (NMT-F). He has a particular interest in the use of NMT for the treatment and rehabilitation of acquired brain injures. Contact Aaron to find out how neurologic music therapy (NMT) can be an integral part of a comprehensive neurologic rehabilitation program related to a neurologic injury or disease.

Age Ranges: Minor (under 18), Adult (18-64), Senior (65+)