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Payment of this Supporters Package implies acceptance of the terms of the arrangement outlined.  This is a sponsorship arrangement between the Ontario Rehab Alliance, the “ORA”, and the “Supporter”, the person and/or company providing a financial contribution to the ORA for the calendar year 2023.

It is mutually agreed that:

  • • The Supporter will pay $ 5000.00 as a High Octane supporter for the 2023 calendar year.
  • • The fee will be paid by December 22, 2022 by credit card online once you click on ‘Add to Cart’ below. If cheque is required, please email [email protected] for instructions.
  • The ORA will issue a receipt and a copy of the agreement via email, following payment of the supporter’s contribution.


The Supporter’s contribution will be gratefully acknowledged through:

  • • Participation as a key content presenter at one of the five virtual ORA hosted events planned for 2023, and will take part in discussion and planning of the event timing and topic;
  • • High profile logo placement on the ORA home page slider.
  • • High profile logo and links placement on our Supporters page and all promotional media including all webinar eblasts to our members, all newsletters sent to upwards of 1500 subscribers to promote our webinars, and on all webinar ‘waiting room’ slides.
  • • Free postings of your own events on our recently launched ORA Events Calendar.  With each new event calendar posting, we will promote the event on our own social media platforms and to our mailing list (1 promotion per event per social media page, remaining for one year).
  • • Two complimentary registrations for each of our virtual events, value of $50 each.
  • • Following webinars in which the Supporter has presented, the Supporter will receive a list of all those in attendance, a downloadable recording of the webinar and a compilation of feedback;
  • • The ORA will make every effort to ensure a healthy turnout of event participants but is not able to guarantee numbers attending.
  • • The ORA cannot offer any cancellation, discount or refund on the Supporter contribution.


Thank you for your generosity!


Laurie Davis,
Executive Director
Ontario Rehab Alliance


Click on “Add to cart” and continue on with the checkout process to pay your 2023 sponsorship fee via credit card.

If cheque is required, please email [email protected] for instructions.



Landed on this page, but haven’t had a conversation about sponsorship with one of our executives or staff? 
Please email [email protected] to set up a phone call regarding sponsorship opportunities for 2023. 

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