Register for Test Event For WooCommerce to Zoom Thingy

This event is to test a new feature of the ORA website that sends registration information from our WooCommerce checkout page directly to Zoom.

The event will only need to be five minutes – or as long as it takes to find out that everyone’s links and sign-ins worked or didn’t.

Please sign yourself up and if you have a second email you use, please also sign up for a second “seat” with that email. You can use a made up name, if you’d like, to differentiate them. It would be good to see if both of the sent links work as this program is supposed to send unique links to each registrant.

If you don’t have a second email or don’t want to bother with a second link, it’s not necessary to do it. But it will help us test the additional registrant option. When the event takes place, you can either just sign in with the one link or sign in and then sign out and try signing in with the second link.

Please use the coupon code “testfree” so you are not charged for this event.

Please note, this event product is tagged as “private” and is not visible on the front end of the website. However, anyone with the link can see it.

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