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January 19, 2022 feedback re: Practice Management Software

December 16, 2021 Speaking Truth To Regulatory Power

December 9, 2021 Letter Template for Clinicians re Attendant Care

November 26, 2021 ‘Zombie’ Attendant Care Issue Raises it Ugly Head

October 8, 2021 Covid-19 Vaccination Training Module

September 21, 2021 Vaccination Mandate Tool Kit

August 20, 2021 Rethinking Template Vaccination Policy

August 18, 2021 Sizzling Summer Solutions Newsletter

August 12, 2021 It’s (still) all about FSRA & Fairness

July 16, 2021 Changes to Home & Community Care

July 14, 2021 Vaccination Situation: Employer Guidance & Resources

July 8, 2021 Looking for Fraud in All the Wrong Places

June, 7, 2021 Study Recruitment: Amplifying Black Voices in TBI Rehabilitation

June 5, 2021 Auto Renew Announcement

June 1, 2021 HSP Survey Findings- Death By A Thousand Cuts

May 10, 2021 Are you seeing this too? New Hurdles to Approve Payment

May 4, 2021 LAT Satisfaction

April 10, 2021 FSRA Involvement in the Auto Insurance Sector

March 18, 2021 HSP Experience Survey

March 23, 2020 COVID-19 Telecon & Follow-up

March 12, 2021 HSP Survey- Gathering data on emergent issues

February 18, 2021 AIR Completion Deadline

January 21, 2021 COVID-19 Programs Update

November 25, 2020 Input Needed re Claimants’ Experience w/OCF-1

November 5, 2020 Today’s Budget & Auto Insurance Reform

October 16, 2020 ORA’s Pre-budget Submission

October 7, 2020 Claims Handling & FSRA Submission

September 30, 2020 The ORA turns 10 – Take a badge!

August 25, 2020 Brain Injury & Auto Insurance Study Results

July 27, 2020 FSRA Advocacy Letter & Survey Findings

July 9, 2020 OT Petition to College for Covid-19 Fee Decrease

June 24, 2020 Complete this Pandemic Issues Survey: FSRA is listening!

June 19, 2020 Enough is enough: Increase the PSG rates!

June 2, 2020 Important MVA-related Survey of Individuals with Brain Injuries

May 29, 2020 Covid-19 Conversation & Closing the Physical Distance

May 20, 2020 Pandemic Pay, Poll results & PPE

May 15, 2020 FSRA Issuing Pandemic Guidance

April 21, 2020 Meeting Request Letter to IBC

April 17, 2020 Best Practice in Bad Times

March 25, 2020 un Life & ICBC Announcement re Virtual Care

April 9, 2020 Covid-19 Conversation Follow up

April 11, 2020 Pandemic Support With The ORA

April 1, 2020 COVID-19 Telecon Issues & FollowUp

March 26, 2020 ORA Pandemic Issues Letter to FSRA

March 18, 2020 Letter to MPP Cho re FSRA Licensing Fee Deferal

June 11, 2019 Asleep at the Wheel?

Care, Not Cash Default Consultation Submitted by the Ontario Rehab Alliance

ORA Response to the Consultations on Implementation of the $2 mil CAT benefit

SABS/Accident Benefits


ORA Budget Submission – Health Service Provider Rates

Clarification Re. $2000 for Assessments

Brokering and Other Treatment Related Services Are Not a Cost of Doing Business


Will the new contingency fee agreements affect AB claimants?

Unpaid Interest

Recording Client Attendance

Optional Benefits- When Do They Expire?

Payment for Completing Forms

Payment for Attendant Care Re-Assessments

Neuropsychology Assessment Billing

Insurers Accountable for Improper Denials

HST & Benefit Limits

Extended Health & MVA Payment

Case Management Rate Disputes

Billing for Missed Appointments

Workshop Presentations

Biking & Accident Benefits, A Crash Course – McLeish Orlando March 24 2021

Strategies to Manage, Post June 1 SABS- Siskinds Presentation June 2016

Conserving & Managing Client’s AB funds Oatley Vigmond, April 2017

Ins and Outs of Invoicing January 18, 2019 Webinar Slides

Insurer Problems


Insurance Companies Complaint Offices


Market Conduct Complaint Form


Request for Rough Notes Instead of Formal Reports

Unpaid Interest

Insurers Accountable for Improper Denials


Mileage Rationale Rates & OCF-18 Fees

Attendant Care Needs and Client at Risk Template Letter Dec 8, 2021

When OCF18 Denial Lacks Rationale- Template Letter

When OCF18 Approved but Funding Cap Reached

Travel Time & Mileage- Template Letter

Overdue Invoices and Interest Charges

Responding to Insurer Requests for Clinical Records- FAQ & Template Letter

Workshop Presentations

Working with Adjusters in a Difficult Time- Oatley Vigmond Presentation June 23, 2020

LAT Tips and Tricks- Lerners Lawyers Presentation September 18, 2020

CAT at the LAT – Siskinds Presentation September 18, 2020

LAT Hacks- Siskinds Presentation September 15, 2021

Dealing with Denial Webinar- Oatley Vigmond Presentation February 20, 2018

Navigating the LAT- McLeish Orlando

OCF Forms & HCAI


HCAI Codes Quick List

FSCO Attendant Care Rates 2003-2016

Agreement to Sign Others OCF18’s


Submitting Invoices for Providers Not on HCAI

Submitting Invoices & OCF-18s when AB Limits are Exhausted

Signatures on OCFs

Shelf Life of an OCF18

Reconciling Billings with HCAI

Cost of Doing Business

Calculating Total Dollars from OCF21 Billing

$2000 Cap for Assessments v.s $200 for an OCF18

Payment for Completing Forms

Neuropsychology Assessment Billing

Privacy & Consent


Consent Form (2015)

Workshop Presentations

Verifying ID for Children

Verifying Client ID (January 2017)

Client Withdraws Consent to Release Information

Request for Rough Notes Instead of Formal Reports


Protecting Electronic Health Information 2015

FSCO/FSRA Licensing


ORA Budget Submission – Health Service Provider Rates


Site Exams and Desk Reviews (December 2017)

Verifying ID for Children

Verifying Client ID (January 2017)

Recording Client Attendance

Licensing Kit

License Fee Estimator

Licensing Kit- ORA

Workshop Presentations

Meet the Regulator- FSRA Presentation December 5, 2019

FSCO Stake Holder Meetings April 24, 2018

FSCO Compliance Reviews April 24, 2018

FSCO/FSRA and our Future November 2018



ORA Budget Submission – Health Service Provider Rates

Which Optional Benefits to Buy

ORA Release: Cost Reductions a Good News Story (October 2017)

ORA Marshall Report Submission 2017

Workshop Presentations

The Marshall Report- Marshalling our Thoughts October 2017

Future of the Rehab Community April 2018

Clinical Resources


ORA Member Recommendations re: Practice Management Systems

Racial Inequities in Healthcare- RMTAO Presentation November 18, 2020

New Pediatric Concussion Guidelines

Free & Low Cost Rehab Resources

Clinical Practice Guidelines For The Rehabilitation of Adults with Moderate to Severe Traumatic Brain Injury

Attendant Care Rates 2003 – Present


FAQ COVID Vaccination Policy Guidance, July 14, 2021



ORA Member Recommendations re: Practice Management Systems

Workshop Presentations

Personal Protective Equipment- Essentially You Presentation June 9, 2020

Employer Considerations Returning to Work in COVID-19 June 9, 2020

Resuming in Person Care COVID-19 Presentation June 9, 2020

Working with Adjusters in a Difficult Time- Oatley Vigmond Presentation June 23, 2020

Highs & Lows of Reopening Essentially You & Anchor Rehab Presentation July 23, 2020

The Pandemic, the Mask & Your Voice- Gardiner Communication October 21, 2020

Self-Care for the New Abnormal- Complex Injury Rehab Presentation October 21, 2020

How to Support Your Immune System During COVID- Koru Nutrition Presentation October 21, 2020

Music Self Care- Music Therapy Toronto Presentation October 21, 2020

Mergers and Acquisitions-Mike Bolger, HK Accounting Presentation January 20, 2021

Pandemic Panorama- Oatley Vigmond Presentation April 21, 2021

Care Not Cash, Not a Crisis- A Plaintiff Lawyer’s Perspective- Salvatore Shaw, McLeish Orlando 2019

Brain Injury Speaks: Emerging Stakeholder Engagement Project- Chad Debison-Larabie (OBIA & ONF)

Neurotrauma Care Pathways- Corinne Kagan 2019

Policies & Procedures- Firm Foundations 2015

Managing InHome Risk Presentation 2015

Tax Tips for Healthcare Professionals 2015

Social Media for Rehab Professionals 2017

Protected Accounts Webinar January 2018

Willie Handler- How Ontario Auto Lost It’s Way From Osborne to Marshall November 9, 2018