Testimonial 8

My membership is worth every penny! The ORA has been VERY helpful. The FSCO site exam went very well. He was VERY impressed with my binder!! I used the ORA info as my template. You guys do a great job and I also find the workshops very useful.

Laura Gridel
Client Services Coordinator, Lawlor Therapy Support Services

Testimonial 7

I never ceased to be amazed by the work, attentiveness, the timeliness of the ORA’s response on behalf of MVA providers. I am so grateful for your work, and that I had the sense to join. This is the best spent money I can recall having invested.

Lauralee Merkley
Merkley Physiotherapy, Smiths Falls

Testimonial 5

Very well written Licensing Kit! Thank you to the ORA for continuing to represent us so well.

Katie Schinkel, OT Reg. (Ont), BScOT, BKin, WorkWell Certified
Director of Therapy & Rehabilitation, Bayshore Therapy & Rehab

Testimonial 4

Thank you for your prompt and helpful response. I am so impressed with everyone’s professionalism at the ORA. Clearly I have joined a great team!

Donna Barefoot, B.A.,M.Ed.,R.R.P.,CCPCPR.
Psychotherapist in Neuro-Rehabilitation

Testimonial 3

Joining the ORA has been extremely positive for our company and for me personally. For so many reasons, the work that I chose out of passion and love is now so disheartening. The ORA has given me pause to think, a way to participate in making change, colleagues to commiserate and plan with, and some hope. Not a lot – but some.

Barbara Claiman, M.A., R.R.P.,
MCVP Director, Client Services, Community Solutions

Testimonial 2

Membership in the ORA has been an invaluable source of information and a time saver while navigating FSCO licensing. The Licensing Kit was detailed, with smart suggestions for demonstrating compliance. Thank you for supporting and informing health care providers working in this sector.

Kindrey Rowland, M. Sc., SLP©, Reg. CASLPO
Speech-Language Pathologist
Orangeville Speech & Language Clinic